Wednesday, February 5, 2014

100th Day of School! #resvt #cesuvt

Wednesday, February 5th was our 100th day of school! Second graders were very excited to celebrate that they were 100 days smarter than the first day. To celebrate, every second grader in Ms. Darling's class made super hero capes with 100 items on it. They also created a super hero name! We played a math game "Race to 100" which practiced writing the numbers up to 100, and recorded how many times we could complete certain activities in 100 seconds. Our super hero names are: Wonder woman, Mustache, Fabulous Fab, Luke, 100 Man, Cat, Super A Man, Super Nothing, Flower Power, Cat, Fabulous Twins, Turbo, Captain Football, Super Croc, Rainbow Power, Fabulous Twins, William, Fabulous Fab, Super M, The Great Mrs. M, Super Link Giver, Super SG (Second Grade). It was a blast celebrating and we are looking forward to our 101st day of school!