Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Celebrations #resvt

Second graders had a fun-filled day on Tuesday, December 23rd. Scholars created snowflake cards, earned a dance party, decorated gingerbread houses, and participated in the RES sing-a-long! Second graders would like to wish you healthy holiday season and have a safe and fun winter break! We will see you all in 2015!
Friday, December 19, 2014

Solids! #resvt

Our new theme unit focuses on the science of matter! To start off this unit students are exploring solid objects. Students had to observe objects, make scientific drawings with labels, and write down their observations. After that, scholars made a grand list of all the descriptions of the solids. We then categorized them into properties: color, shape/size, weight, texture, what they are made out of, and flexibility. Students will be exploring more solids and going into more depth with properties of solids in upcoming weeks!
Friday, December 5, 2014

Science Observations #resvt

Second graders have started their science unit on matter! To kick off the unit, classes discussed what science was, what scientists do, and took a closer look at observations. We defined observing as taking a closer, more careful look at objects. For this activity students had to observe and draw what the bottom of their shoe looked liked. Based on their observations and sketches; scholars then had to match sketches with the actual shoes! It was a great a kick off to our matter unit!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Math Games #resvt

During our math menu time, students have been playing two math games. The first game is "Beat the Calculator" which focuses on solving addition number strings. Two students try to solve the same number string; one with a calculator, the other with their brain. This is great practice for students to look for addition combinations they know quickly such as: combinations of ten, double facts, and near-double facts. The second game students have been playing is "Penguins on Ice". For this game students are becoming more familiar working with the 120's chart. Students roll a dice and move along the 120's chart but there are obstacles in the way! If a student lands on a fish, they must move back five spaces. If a student lands on an ice berg they move ahead ten spaces. Great math calculating is going on!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Brag Board #resvt

We had such an amazing day in second grade that I had to brag to the world! Scholars endured a long bus ride to see "Charlotte's Web" at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center. We all enjoyed the show, there were funny parts, parts that made us think, and sad parts. When we returned to RES, second graders worked so hard on challenging number strings! I saw team work, peers teaching peers, encouraging words to others, confidence building, and an over all feeling that today was a good day! To show how proud I was of our hard work I made our white board into a brag board for the afternoon! Way to go second graders! Keep up the OUTSTANDING work!!!