Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Upcoming Events! #resvt

As we enter June, there tends to be more special events for second graders! Please mark your calendars for the following events.

  • Wednesday, June 1st: Scholastic Book Fair
  • Thursday, June 2nd: Field trip to Cedar Knoll golf course
  • Thursday, June 2nd: Scholastic Book Fair
  • Friday, June 3rd: Move Up Day
  • Friday, June 3rd: Powder Run @2:45
  • Saturday, June 4th: Father/Daughter dance @6:00
  • Saturday, June 4th: Get Air Fundraiser for RES P.E.
  • Wednesday, June 8th: Field Day/Walk-a-thon/School BBQ
  • Tuesday, June 14th: Last day of school
Our Mercy Watson impressions

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wall Walk #resvt

It was the perfect day for a wall walk! The sun was shining, summer like temperatures, and students were ready to observe different types of walls. We walked around the RES/CHMS campus looking for four different types of walls-and we found some! Students had to make scientific drawings of these walls, including labels of what they believed the wall was made out of, and what the mortar was made out of (if any). In upcoming days, students will be engineering their own miniature walls; exploring with different mortar mixtures.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Engineering! #resvt

As part of our science unit on matter, we have begun our engineering task! Students are very engaged, having thoughtful discussions with peers, and thinking like engineers! Friday, students were given a problem, and had to work through part of the engineering design process. Groups were given the following materials: cotton, straw, a brick, and paper. With these materials they had to decide which material would solve one of the following problems: how to carry eggs, how to build a chair, and to clean the floor. Based on the material's properties, students decided whether or not the material would work for the problem and what could be made out of the material to solve the problem. As a class we then came together, and made decisions on what material would be BEST for a particular job. Students were talking with each other, sharing their ideas, disagreeing, supporting their opinions, and coming to conclusions! It was an AMAZING engineers meeting!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Best Part of Me poems #resvt

Today we wrote poems about the best part of ourselves! Check it out!

Legs, legs, legs
You help me with dance
You let me jump,
jump very high.
You let me swim all I want in my river
Day and night too.
You let me sit on you too!
You are strong
and good for running too.
You help me twirl in dance
and you help me climb the playground.

Arms, arms, arms all around
They help me scratch when I need to
Paints nail polish on me
They help me put on my clothes
They can write for me
I can pick up rocks
Can feel rocks
Can touch Tavia
My arms can pick up rocks.

My heart keeps me alive.
I would not be here now without a heart.
Your heart is like your best friend, it controls you.
Your heart is where your feelings come from.
None of my body would work without a heart.
Oh, my heart.

Brain, brain, brain
I love my brain because my brain makes me smart.
My brain is helpful with math.
My brain is helpful.
My brain makes me healthy.
If I did not have my brain I will not move or breathe.
If I did not have a brain I will be dead.
Brain, brain, brain.

Eyes, eyes, eyes
Blue eyes
I see a cat
I see my family at the beach
I can cross my eyes and move my eyes
I can see in someone's eyes
I can see the road to ride my bike
Eyes, eyes, eyes

My brain helps me live
My brain helps me think
My brain helps me see
My brain helps me understand
I don't know what to do
So that's the end.

I am head
I have eyes on me and nose on me
and ears and also a mouth in the middle
Come meet brain he is smart
Eyes see, nose smell, ears hear
Mouth sing and talk.
I am head.

Oh, eyes, eyes
I can see my dog
I can see my cat
Eyes, eyes
I can see my dad, my mom
Eyes, eyes
I can see my sisters ,my brother.

The best part of me in my brain
It keeps me safe, safe, safe
My brain also keeps me alive
I can also think, think, think
I can solve problems to,
Problems solved, solved!

Oh eyes, eyes, eyes
They help me see my mom
Oh eyes, eyes, eyes
They help me see my cat, my dad, my sister, my teachers, my friends
They are blueish green
Oh eyes!

I love my mouth
My mouth helps me chew
It helps me talk
It helps me read
I love my mouth

Head has eyes
Head has ears
Head has a mouth
Head is skinny
Head is fat
Head is big
Head is small
I love my head

Before I swim I run up the stairs to change
Once I get down I walk to the block
I stand until its my turn
After that I play soccer
Then I go watch skateboarding
I can do everything with my legs!

The best part of me is my heart.
My heart connects to my body.
Helps me pass math tests.
Make blood flow through my body.
Helps my health,
helps me ride my horse
Helps me run and helps me walk
Even helps me live
Oh, think the best part of me is my heart.

Eyes, eyes all around
I can see stuff all around
eyes, eyes all around
I can see stuff on the ground
eyes, eyes all around
I can see my mom on the ground
eyes, eyes all around
I can see Hannah on the ground
Eyes, eyes all around
And I have hazel eyes all around.
Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Scoop Rockers #resvt

Today we got six new seats for the floor, scoop rockers! These chairs can rock back and forth which can help students get out energy while learning. Students went over expectations on how to safely use these chairs today. We read in them, wrote our poems in them and enjoyed morning meeting while sitting in them. As a class we discussed how these chairs can help students be successful in their learning, and how to be fair so everyone can get a turn. We are very excited to get to use them for the rest of the school year!