Thursday, April 28, 2016

A princess pig and Google Expeditions! #resvt

Today we had a wonderful visit from Mercy Watson the Princess in disguise! As part of our PBiS celebration, each grade level got to choose a book character for Mr. Berry to dress up as. Second grade chose a favorite, Mercy Watson the princess in disguise! Mr. Berry came in and read the whole book to us! We loved it and appreciate Mr. Berry getting fancy for us! And of course we couldn't resist the opportunity to look like Mercy Watson as well!

We also had a wonderful opportunity thanks to Darcie Rankin and Tonya Darby to use Google Expeditions! Scholars were able to use the Google cardboard goggles to have a 3-D view of a Chinese National Park! We also got to climb up Mt. Everest, and swim with Great White Sharks! This was an AMAZING experience that would not have been possible without Darcie and Tonya. Students absolutely loved it; I wish there was a way I could capture all of their wonder, excitement, and engagement.  This was a highlight of the year! Below is a short video of what it looked like. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

G'day Mate! #resvt

G'day mate! That is how most Australians say hello to others! My students were very interested in learning about other cultures since our Comparing Cultures unit where we focused on Mexico and China. To finish out the unit we learned a little about Australia per my students' request. We learned and got to try out Aboriginal dot painting and painted our very own clap sticks. We also got to try some of the local food such as Vegemite and chocolate caramel koalas (the chocolate was more popular than Vegemite). Students also got to listen and explore didgeridoos, and boomerangs!  Take it easy (Australian slang for goodbye!)


Monday, April 11, 2016

Comparing Cultures E-Book! #resvt

One of the technology standards for our social studies unit, Comparing Cultures, students had to collaborate, communicate, and share their ideas to multiple audiences using a form of technology. With the help of Mrs. Redford, students created an e-book comparing the cultures of Mexico, China, and the United States. We hope you enjoy reading our e-book!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Flynn Theater Workshop! #resvt

Today second graders participated in a Flynn Theater Workshop in correlation with the Peking Acrobat show they will be viewing next Friday. Mrs. Martin opened the workshop asking students what they thought circus performers needed to have a successful show. Students came up with: focus, confidence, skill, flexibility, practice time, strength, and more. We then had to practice balancing a paper plate on various plarts of our bodies; then we had to try MOVING while balancing our plates! The final activity was getting into groups and trying to make ten points of contact with the floor while staying connected. Students did an amazing job working together and practicing a little bit of the mental learning that goes into being an acrobat! Thank you to Darcie Rankin, Mrs. Tracey Martin, and the Flynn Theater for helping to put this fun and active workshop together!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Ni-hao from China! #resvt

This week we traveled to China and learned about clothing, holidays and food. It was filled with fun hands-on activities like paper dolls, hand held Chinese drums, and a cooking demonstration by Chef James! Check out our video slideshow of students making Chinese drums (with a little Vermont sugar on snow celebration thrown in).