Friday, January 31, 2014

5th grade buddies #resvt #cesuvt

Today second graders met up with their fifth grade buddies from Camels Hump Middle School. Our classes try to get together at least once a month, alternating between RES and CHMS. Second graders read their small moment (narrative) writing pieces to their buddies and then had time to play games, complete puzzles or just sit and chat! It was great to see so many connections being made! We are looking forward to our next visit in March!


Guest reader #resvt #cesuvt

Friday afternoon, Ms. Darling's class had a special guest reader! "Ms. Darling's dad came to read a chapter of the BFG and I liked it!" -written by Ava M.

Our current read aloud book is the B.F.G by Roald Dahl. Mr. Darling had a captive audience and it was such a special treat! Thank Mr. Darling for reading to us!

Marvelous Math Board #resvt #cesuvt

"Marvelous Math is when Ms. Darling picks four math papers. The work has to be neat, clear, accurate, and you have to be proud of it. It also has to be labeled. We use it for learning new math strategies. The goal is for every student to get up on the board at least once throughout the year. " -written by Ginny

The work on the Marvelous Math board also displays the common core math practices that we are working on for the month. For example: during the months of December and January, scholars were working on making sense of problems and persevering (which means don't give up!). -Ms. Darling

Friday, January 24, 2014

4-Winds Snow Crystals #resvt #cesuvt

On Friday, January 24th, second graders participated in our 4-Winds science program. This session focused on snow crystals and had students and teachers alike learning new facts about Vermont's white gold! Some facts that we learned today: snow starts with a spec of dust, every snowflake has six sides, each snowflake is unique, and a popular snowflake design in second grade is called the stellar dendrite. Scholars had the chance to play snow crystal charades, and create snowflakes! Thank you to our 4-Winds volunteers for another amazing science lesson! We look forward to our  next session!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oaxaca Sculptures

On Wednesday, second graders displayed incredible flexible thinking when we discovered  (at the last minute), our field trip to the Flynn Theater to see the Spanish play, "Dream Carver" was cancelled. Scholars made the best of it, and created Oaxacan animal sculptures out of model magic. Throughout our study of Mexico, students will be exposed and have many hands on experiences with the elements of Mexican culture. Oaxaca is most famous for hand carved, brightly decorated, wooden animal sculptures. Students had a great time creating and decorating their very own! We are looking forward to learning more about the elements of Mexican culture!