Sunday, May 22, 2016

Engineering! #resvt

As part of our science unit on matter, we have begun our engineering task! Students are very engaged, having thoughtful discussions with peers, and thinking like engineers! Friday, students were given a problem, and had to work through part of the engineering design process. Groups were given the following materials: cotton, straw, a brick, and paper. With these materials they had to decide which material would solve one of the following problems: how to carry eggs, how to build a chair, and to clean the floor. Based on the material's properties, students decided whether or not the material would work for the problem and what could be made out of the material to solve the problem. As a class we then came together, and made decisions on what material would be BEST for a particular job. Students were talking with each other, sharing their ideas, disagreeing, supporting their opinions, and coming to conclusions! It was an AMAZING engineers meeting!