Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pilgrim Fun! #resvt

The past week, second graders finished our social studies unit on the Founding Families. We spent time at Shelburne Farms, made a Thanksgiving turkey, cooked traditional Pilgrim food, lead an all-school assembly, and had a Colonial day where students rotated through stations.

While at Shelburne Farms students made candles, fed farm animals, carded wool, made bread and butter and got to explore Pilgrim tools. Thank you to all the chaperones and Shelburne Farms who made this field trip possible! Students made cornbread muffins and applesauce during our cooking day. On Colonial day students rotated through the three second grade classrooms and completed the following activities: stenciling, making traditional Pilgrim games, and participating in a one-room school house. It was great to participate in so many activities that connected to our learning!