Monday, November 17, 2014

Fastt Math Tips #resvt #cesuvt

Here are some Fastt Math tips to better support your scholar at home or understand the math program a little better!

1) Students should ALWAYS click the "QUIT & EXIT" button within the game console when they are done with their session. They should never click the red 'x' in the top right corner to exit the program. When students do this, it doesn't always save their user data from the lessons they just completed and doesn't "log" the session.

2) If a student quits the lesson before playing a game they will be asked to redo the lesson. The first portion of the lesson is learning the focus facts. The game portion of the lesson is "practicing" the new facts integrated with prior facts learned (for review, retainment). 

3) If a student takes longer than 15 minutes on a single lesson, the program assumes the student was highly distracted during the lesson and will ask them to repeat it. This is built in so that students won't play with the TV in the background or chat with a neighbor while playing. It's meant to be quick and focused. 

Thank you Christian Courtemanche for these helpful tips!