Friday, June 9, 2017

Haiku poetry! #resvt

Here are our animal Haikus! Enjoy!

I hop day and night
I ribbit all day and night
I eat bugs all night. -SJ

Fast, sleek, good hunter
Hunt for gazelle and zebra
Speedy, gazelle yum! -CP

They stick to people
They are so annoying
When unwanted. -IM

Fly up in the sky
Flying up in the big clouds
Eats colorful candy. -KL'

Very dangerous
My sharp fangs are poisonous
Snakes eat small rodents. -KR

I like bunnies
Bunnies like to eat
Bunnies like to drink water. -KBP

Cats are really cute
I clean myself with my paws
Mice must beware. -IP

I am very small
I really like to play
The kitten is cute. -LW

I have pretty fur
I can be different colors
I am fuzzy too. -CM

We hop day and night
I ribbit ribbit all night
I eat bugs all day. -JB

They have big sharp claws
They snap their claws
Together snap!- LT

I spread my feathers
I am very colorful
I live in hot places. -LW

I suck up my food
I have no teeth in my mouth
I am humongous! -TA

Woof I like to bark
Woofly I defend my
Mark territory. -EL