Monday, March 7, 2016

Cultural Exchange! #resvt

In correlation with our social studies unit, "It's a Small World: Comparing Cultures", our class is communicating with two classes from around the world! The first class we are communicating with is a class in from Western Kenya, Africa located in Bungoma county. We have been exchanging pictures of our school and writing descriptions. We have been able to compare and contrast our culture through the pictures the school children are sending us! It has been great and we look forward to our e-mails from Kenya.

The other class that we are communicating with is located in Yuchon, South Korea. With this class we are both participating in a blog! We will be sharing recipes, songs, celebrations and other aspects of culture! Take a look at the blog here: VT-South Korea Blog. You can stay updated and ask your second grader what they have learned from our international penpals!

Below are some photographs that we have received from Kenya! 
water tank-added last year
using a tablet 

lunch on the veranda

bridge students have to cross to get to school

class photo!