Friday, December 18, 2015

A wonderful day! #resvt

It was a wonderful day today with so many activities happening! We spent time with our first grade buddies in Mrs. Lister's class making snowflakes, received a visit from Professor Snow who showed us how to make fake snow, and drinking hot chocolate! It was great to see teamwork, students complimenting each other, and enjoying each other's company. Spending time with our first grade buddies is something we look forward to each month!

We also explored the concept of pitch during our science centers! Pitch can be low or high and we learned how size, shape, and tension can change pitch. The stations we explored were: xylophones, musical bottles, and rubber band guitars. After exploring we shared our findings as a class. Our observations were: if an object is long, loose, thick, or full of water it will produce a low pitch. If an object is short, tight, skinny, or fairly empty with water it will produce a high pitch. We had a great time exploring this sound concept!