Thursday, May 28, 2015

Animal Haikus #resvt

Second graders have been writing many different types of poetry over the last few weeks. This week students focused on writing a Japanese form of poetry called haikus. Haikus have a specific format of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Students wrote haikus about animals, then as a class we played a guessing game. The following are the haikus that were created!

Jumping perfectly          
These swimming creatures so cool
Dolphins are awesome. -HW

I like to have milk
I'm cute and I like to snuggle
I have small paws. -MS

They are very cute
From France I cam cute faces
My face is big cute. -TS

I have smooshy face
I can be black brown white grey
I look cute fuzzy. -NF

Use to be wingless
They are very colorful
They collect nectar. -AL

Don't be scared of me
I'm not fluffy that's for sure
I'm not cuddly. -JQ

You won't see me here
I'm not normal that's for sure
I am cute of course. -HJ

A green shell I have
I swim happily in lakes
I walk very slow.-LB

Swinging from the vines
Being happy in the trees
Eating bananas. -CW

Silly and loving
A man's best friend easily
Perfect for a pet. -IB

I don't have any thumbs
I scratch you when I get mad
I can hear very well.-BG

Roaring loud on rocks
I have a lot of warm fur
I have cute babies.-FM

I am like a shark
I lived millions of years ago
I love fish I'm big.-FH

The tops don't sting you
When you touch my bottom-ow!
I am almost slow.-LC

I make lots of webs
I can climb walls and webs fast
Bugs and flies I eat.-LR

Scratching on a post
Staying in the house happy
Rolling in the dirt.-AD

I do not like cats
I do dig holes and bark loud
I can run so fast.-RC