Thursday, September 4, 2014

Math Menu exploration #resvt

In second grade, scholars will be participating in math menu. Math menu is an approach that allows students to go more in depth with focus skills, work independently or in small groups. Scholars will work on fact fluency, rigorous problem solvers, math games, and practice math using technology. This station method allows for the teacher to work with small groups of students on skills they might need extra practice with or provide enrichment activities.

Thursday was our second day of math menu and this week students are exploring the different math tools we will be using throughout the year. The objective or goal of this weeks menu is what can we learn from these math tools. In just two days we have learned that these tools can help us count, make patterns, create different shapes, we can sort them by shape, color, size. We also discovered we can use them to measure objects, build towers, create designs and have fun with these tools!