Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Aniaml Haikus #resvt

Second graders wrote haikus about animals. Haikus are a form of Japanese poetry where the first line has 5 syllables, second line has 7 syllables, and the last line has 5 more syllables. Here are what our class created!

Big eyes and fuzzy
Cute and feathery sharp beak
Turns it's head around. -Amelie

They have spots a lot
They can run very fast cool
And they are golden. -Ava M.

Black and white fun stripes
Africa is where I live
They like to run wild. -Nadia

Black and white cute hair
Eyes that glow all through the night
Sleeping every day. -Ava V.

Tall and skinny spots
Hot and dry African desert
My food is a leaf. -Hailey

I live in Texas
I live life on yellow cheese
Sometimes need to sneeze. -Will

Hermit Crab
Red and carry house
Lives in sand eats clams and bugs
Walks on all four legs. -Ethan

We hunt in a pack
We have black white and gray fur
We live in the woods. -Grace

It waddles around
It goes into the water
As it eats good fish. -Luke

Guinea Pig
A cute animal
Eats hat and carrots and grass
It lives in hot places. -Tessa

Yellow and small bird
Feathers fluffy drink water
Legs are small and thin. -Ginny

Bites it's food drowns prey.
Big and green and slimy green
Blends in the water. -Carl

Grizzly Bear
Brown fur and they roar
Mommies protect their babies
They are furious.-Kyle

The penguin is fat
Penguin is always chunky
He is always fun. -Hunter

Big and black and fat
I live in jungles I climb
I like being cute. -Julia

Swinging on tall vines
In trees they eat bananas
They hang from their tails.-Zoe

It is white meows
And runs off big eyes
Does not take good baths. -Owen

Fast in the water
It goes slow slow slow on land
Smooth shell on my back. -Anna

Runs and barks all day
I like Australia Shepard
Miler is my friend. -Miller