Monday, January 14, 2019

Kindergarten Moments

via Instagram These 3 questions kicked off our weather unit. Writing beside are all student answers before learning more! #resvt

Kindergarten Moments

via Instagram Creating 3-D shapes! #resvt

Kindergarten Moments

via Instagram Getting excited for our new science unit on weather. Looking at books and thinking of questions. #resvt

Upcoming Events and Donations Needed #resvt

Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

  • Monday, January 21st: No School-Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • Tuesday, January 22nd: Snow Motion at Cochran's
  • Tuesday, January 29th: Snow Motion at Cochran's

Coming to RES  -- March 2019

We are excited to announce that RES students will be working with Miriam Block, a textile artist and designer, during art classes. They will learn about the way textile designers use texture, color, and pattern to plan and create woven fabrics. This three week residency will be an amazing opportunity for students in pre-k - 4 grades to discover the many ways fabric is used in our lives. During this residency, students will have an opportunity to design and weave a fabric for a specific end use.

In order to support this residency we are SEEKING A FEW DONATIONS of supplies.  If you have any of these supplies, or are willing to collect them over the next few weeks, it would be REALLY appreciated!  

1.  Recycled Netted Bags (from Lemons, Limes, Clementines, Potatoes, Oranges)
The best bags will have small even openings on the top (see picture to right).
2.  Yarn, plastic strips, rope, ribbon
3.  Old tablecloths or bed sheets (we will be cutting into strips)

This Artist in Residence was supported by many people, including::
Vermont Art Council
RES Artist in Residence Selection Group
RES Enrichment Program
RES Art Program
RES Circus Night

Donated items can be dropped off at the RES front office, ATTN: Darcie Rankin.  If you have questions, please contact Darcie Rankin, Enrichment Teacher at
Friday, January 11, 2019

Kindergarten Moments

via Instagram Making masks was a popular option during choice time. #resvt

Kindergarten Moments

via Instagram Unicorns! #resvt

Kindergarten Moments

via Instagram Mask making during choice time #resvt